Some Hints About The Dog Food to Help Them Develop in a Comprehensive Manner

Do you eat dog food that? The supply of nutrients for dogs is considered to be one of the important issues of the care of dogs. The necessary nutrients, it will not in the daily diet of the dog. However, the selection of appropriate foods and useful for the development of a dog is that not everyone knows. Here are six foods that you should eat dog and the dog will develop a comprehensive way.

The two dogs and their food

Dogs Should Drink Plenty of Milk Regularly

Fresh milk is always a good food supplement for dogs. Fresh milk contains fat and calcium; these are great nutrients. You can use fresh milk or canned milk, powdered milk mixed with boiled water. Note, you should warm up the milk at a temperature equivalent to the dog’s body temperature. Calcium supplementation helps puppies develop strong bones and teeth. However, if the dog is sick gut, you should not drink milk for dogs. Sour milk does not take the dog because it will cause digestive disorders of dogs.

Meat Is an Excellent Food for Dogs

Fresh meat will always be a good choice for the daily diet of dogs. Beef is the best, but it is expensive so that you can use pork, heart, and liver instead. Currently, many dog owners are often adding to the dog’s diet daily with all kinds of chicken necks, chicken head. It is one of the food is excellent for health and the development of healthy dog, and your dog will have a solid body and larger. However, you should not overuse it, because the dog will become lazy and picky eaters. Long day habit will do just want to be gourmet dogs, so dogs that refuse to eat meat only eat rice, or vegetables. How to fix that you can shred the meat and mix with rice, and meat rations of dogs is a moderate amount and science. If the dog is eating too much beef, sometimes the dog’s digestive system will be affected.

The Internal Organs of Animals and Cattle Are The Suitability of Dog Food

The viscera of animals and livestock such as heart, kidney, heart, gizzard, all of them are relative nutritional quality. You can use the visceral meat for dogs’ diets. The liver is a source of Vitamin A, and you should put the liver into the diet of sick puppies. The dogs sick, are mature, are in church mating period, are in lactation, they all need to use the type visceral such as the liver. Additionally, these types of internal organs such as the stomach, pancreas, esophagus, lung, breast, they all contain essential amino acid source. In particular, they contain less nutritional content 2-5 times the fat, cheese. The pieces of meat scraps, esophagus, it can be used as the primary food. Windpipe, ears, lips not high protein, but when they are combined with the high-protein ingredients, they will be very useful. Because they will create more cartilage.

Should The Dog Not to Eat Fish?

Many people are afraid of fish meat, and fish meat does not dare to use the dog’s diet. They think fish meat would cause an adverse effect on a dog’s digestive system, and cause some intestinal diseases like diarrhea. However, if you know how to use fish as a source of food for the daily diet of the dog, the effect of fish meat is too high. Fish are not only rich in protein but rich in vitamins, minerals. Regarding nutrition; fish meat quality is not inferior red meat entirely. And fish meat is easier to digest than red meat. But if you want the dog to develop normally, then you need the dog to eat no more than 70% of fish from protein and 30% from other sources.

Eating Vegetables and Sweets – Food Supplements for Dogs

There are many dog owners are often unaware and forget to add vegetables to the daily diet of the dog. Vegetables contain many substances necessary for the development of the dog. Dogs will eat these vegetables are chopped, cooked food that you would typically house (except potatoes, peanuts, corn). The vegetables were undercooked, they would not appropriate for dogs because dogs will hardly be absorbed in the rectum.

The homemade dog food

Candy and gum, barbecue grills (even if your barbecue grills are baked by best rated gas grills) and some diet foods often contain xylitol sweet. Xylitol can increase circulating insulin in the body of a dog. It also can cause hypoglycemia or liver failure. Initial symptoms include vomiting, lethargy, and disorders of the body’s organs. Even dogs can suffer convulsions. Liver failure can occur within a few days.

Adding Other Essential Minerals for Dogs

One of the important things in the process of care for dogs is the daily diet of the dog. In fact, the daily diet of the dog did not provide sufficient nutrients for dogs, especially minerals and vitamins. The essential minerals are not always sufficient in food, so you need to essential minerals in the form of the extra meals. You can use the following items are on sale in pharmacies: Gluconate- calcium, Glixero. Phosphate, sugar LACTO calcium + phosphate calcium Glixero, Tetravit, TRIVIT, in the case reluctantly can mix milk with calcium chloride.

Bone meal is a source of calcium and phosphorus additional for dogs, need extra bone powder into the daily diet of the dog. Food items available will provide many nutritional benefits, and a sufficient amount of essential minerals; clean, easy maintenance, easy to transport, not afraid rancid. However, when you use a new diet, you need to set the adaptation for dogs. These dogs need time to get used to the new diet and do not forget to add fresh food to the dog’s diet. This will help the dog eat more, eat healthily and in good health.

These dog foods are usually easily bought and search. You just need to pay attention to the dog’s diet, and you will be assured of a dog’s diet.

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