These Useful Information About The Pet’s Dry Food

Dry food is a mixture of ingredients such as cereals, meat and meat by-products, fats, minerals, and vitamins. The manufacturer has carefully calculated the balance of nutritional content for each different type of dry food. Each dry foods will suit different types of pets each and at various ages.

The dogs eating

What Is Dry Food?

You do not think dry food is not tasty, not nutrition, and have many potential hazards. If you are used to preparing food for pets by best crock pot, the dry food will give you more convenience. When you hear the phrase “dry food,” then you will think of the products are processed. Dry foods are classified into two main types: grains and dried.

Advantages Of Dry Food

  • You will save time for cooking, preparing meals for your pets.
  • Dry food will limit the common intestinal disease if you use common foods. Also, dry food will help you easy to clean the waste of pet, limiting the unhygienic condition. This is critical, because, in some countries, you only use dry food for pets.
  • Dry food has calculated a level of nutrient content for each type of pet, ages, so you need not be too concerned about appropriate diet. But the condition is that you choose the right kind of appropriate dry food for pets.
  • The dry food that helps your pet prevent disease better oral canned food or conventional forms.

Disadvantages Of Dry Food

  • The dry food will not have more fiber and water to the fresh food, so the addition of vegetables to the meal with dry food is essential
  • The price of dry food is not lowered fresh food and even more expensive if you choose the high grade.
  • Some types of premium dry food with attractive flavor makes dogs lazy when eating other foods.

Notes When You Mix Pet Food

The natural of dry food

  • Combining different types of food from the shape, the processing to taste. Looks and delicious taste are an important factor to stimulate the pet’s appetite. Instead, you use each kind of food, try mixing all.
  • Please consult a veterinarian before proceeding with mixing foods: These foods are made with formulas suitable for each stage, health conditions and lifestyle of many types of pets. The combination of irrational food will cause obesity or lack or excess of vitamins, minerals, causing medical problems. So let’s learn more opinions from experts before mixing food for pets.
  • Adding water to dry food: There are many dogs and cats like dry food. But if the pet becomes bored to eat, then you try to add daily water food. However, you refer to the effect of adding water to dry food quality. Adding water to dry food is very simple, you just add water to the upper bowl, and you wait for the food to be sinking into the water. Note, you should add enough water needed.
  • Combine dry food and canned food: Mixing with canned foods is also enhance the flavor of food. It also enables you to diversify the diet pet daily. Should learn ratio between 2 types of food to the perfect combination thoroughly.
  • Do not mix with healing foods: The diet to treat, so it is designed specially. It helps to prevent or slow down the appearance of the first phase many different diseases. When applying this diet for pets, avoid mixing common food form. The incorrect combination may reduce the effect of diet, sometimes causing dangerous consequences.
  • You should use these foods, they were “Veterinary Health Council” labeling and licensing. You should learn about dry food brands before purchasing and using.

Some Reference Diets for Pets

  1. The diet of Puppies (from 2-4 months): Feeding 4 times/day, each separated by 4 – 5 pm
  • Morning: The dry feed is soaked in water or milk (time 15-30s)
  • Lunch: Eat rice. You can use of the enzyme to be mixed into dog food. 1 day 1 package, 1 package divided into 2 times. Remember, you must always have vegetables in the diet of dogs.
  • Afternoon: Eating rice or stewed chicken head was soft.
  • Dinner: The dried food is soaked (15-30s)

Note: The type of dry food will depend on the breed. Note, you do not use dried foods of poor quality, unknown origin and unbranded. Because these foods can cause kidney stones for dogs. You should buy the products of reputed brands. For developing new puppy, then you should use dry foods with calcium, minerals, and vitamins.

  1. Diets for dogs from 5 months – 1-year-old ( 2 meals/ day)
  • Lunch: Eat rice. You can use of the enzyme to be mixed into dog food. 1 day 1 package, 1 package divided into 2 times. Remember, you must always have vegetables in the diet of dogs.
  • Dinner: The dried food is soaked (15-30s). Eating rice or stewed chicken head was soft. The type of dry food will depend on the breed

A girl give dry food to her dog

  1. When dogs become bored with the food, we use the following method:

Pour a section of food into the bowl of dog, until it gets to ½ a food tray, wait about 4-5 minutes than to go back to the dogs. Teach your dog how to eat the clean cup, but depends on the type of dog that you use the appropriate feed.

Note: When you feed the dog, if you notice the dog’s belly was full and round, then you stop for food. Because the dog’s digestive system is not good. Before the next feeding, you must stay for 10-15 minutes. After the dogs 30 minutes or 1 hour, then you allow dogs work.