The Guidelines to Read Labels on Pet Food

The pet food – how to read the labels

Nowadays, looking at the advertisement, it is difficult to determine toaster oven ratings if we want to buy one. Similarly, if you see the video related to pet foods, you will feel frightening on the ingredients in the pet foods. Correspondingly, if you are looking for the pet foods for your dog, for example, you should have a little research.

What Do You Know about Pet Foods?

In case you don’t satisfy with the feeding dog food, what should you do? Some people recommend using the raw food or BARF (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food) because they assume that it is closely the natural food in the wild. It sounds attractive and promising until I saw an article of the professional veterinarian saying the dangerous level of this diet for not only cats but also dogs. They can get sudden death or pain. So dangerous!

Surely, anyone wants the best things for their pets. It ought to know that the food directly affects the health and behavior of our pets. Even, it must mention we can save an amount of our budget on the vet bills if we choose to buy the right pet food.

The pet foods

In fact, we can recognize the pet food without suiting to their needs through the tell-tale signs. In particular, there are too fat, too thin, itching, weepy eyes, excessive farting, constipation, patchy fur,… If you see these symptoms displayed on your pet, the best should change their food. At present, there are plenty of selections as well as conflicting advice. So, in what way can you pick up the best pet food?

It’s high time to learn and do some studies before deciding to buy the food for the pet yours. You can utilize the similar logic to when selecting for your own food, can’t you? Obviously, there are many things that you need to consider – the price, quality, nutrition,… Accordingly, where you ought to start.

Frequently, we read labels in order to decide which one is better for our food. So, to choose the pet food, we can also begin to read labels. It avoids confusing the ingredients in the pet food with your food. It requires that all the ingredients must be listed based on the weight. The first ingredient is the biggest.

Reading Labels on Pet Food

Animal Protein: It is noticed that animal protein must have in the pet food, in particular, lamb, chicken, beef, and more. It should remember that the listed things like meat or animal protein mean that their protein intake is low – you need to avoid.

Protein in the pet foods

Protein Meals: Let’s determine again the origin of the protein. It requires that must relate to chicken meal, beef meal and say no with the meat meal.

Frozen Meat vs Fresh Meat: If you look at the listed ingredients with the high rating, you ought to find the animal protein with the high quality, including, it will have about 15-20 percent of protein in frozen and fresh meat because they contain plenty of water. On the contrary, animal meal protein can reach 65 percent of protein.

Vegetable, Fruits, and Grains: In general, the fruits, grains, and vegetables are unprocessed and fresh will provide vitamins, nutrients, antioxidants, and enzymes. A large number of ingredients are listed, particularly, the rice bran – a natural component or a by-product. Either ingredient is okay. If two of these have the low intake, you can also select both. Inevitably, don’t select both if their quantity is high in the ingredient list.

Expiry Date: Ideally, it is to select the kind with the best-before date for one year away. If possible, you ought to choose the recent product. Nonetheless, with the foods containing ethoxyquin, BHA, and BHT – preservatives, there has a date ~ 2 years out.

The pet food – what ingredients is necessary and not

Poultry By-Products or Meat By-Product: It recommends that you should avoid both because their quality is poor. Besides, their storage is not careful compared to the ingredients with the higher value.

Animal Fat: Basically, there is a general term. Frequently, they have origin from the used cooking fat, kinds of animals, and road kill. No matter with poultry fat, even, chicken or duck fat will be a better choice.

Additional Sweeteners: A sweet teeth – dogs had one. With these sweeteners, they make a lot of nutrients without appealing smell and good taste.

Artificial Flavors, Colors, or Preservatives: It ought to have sufficient flavors from the ingredients. The purpose is to entice the pet, which eats it. For the color, it is not necessary. Mainly, the color is to make you feel it well. In fact, a great number of preservatives are utilized, tocopherols from rosemary and vitamin E, vitamin C, for example. Nevertheless, they don’t contribute to preserving the foods, so you must still check the use dates.

Deboned or Boneless: It means that the listed ingredients will have less bone. As a whole, the majority of the pet food consists of skin, bone, muscle meat, fat,…, so the deboned or boneless feature sound appealing.

Natural: The official definition is: the ingredients have origin from animal, plant, or other sources, especially, they must be unprocessed or not heat processing, extraction, rendering, hydrolysis, fermentation, physical processing, enzymolysis, additives,… Let’s remember that nothing is quite natural!

Organic: This one is pretty rare when saying to the pet foods because it must be recognized by the third party.


After understanding the ingredients in the pet foods, it hopes that you will be able to narrow your selection. It is important that you ought to consider the need of your pet.

In case it is overweight, you should pick up the food with a higher protein. Conversely, the fat content is lower. Your pet is too thin, right? So, the fat is higher.

According to a couple of experts, it is necessary for changing the diet of the pet. But, this one is almost to force with most pets if you want their digestive system to become healthier. If you feel worried about changing, it lets add digestive probiotics or enzymes to help your pet adapt to the new changes.

When changing the diet, you must observe your pet on the energy level, mental condition, and physical condition in order to adjust when needing.