How to Prepare And Store Raw Pet Food Properly

As you know, to help your pet is always healthy. It is not simple. Thus, it is very important to have a lot of experience with your pet. However, you must take care of your pet in the right way. At that time, your pet will grow in the good condition and have a good health. According to many opinions of people, preparing and storing the raw pet food play an important role in caring the pet. Thus, do you know the tips to prepare and store? In this writing, I will give some things relating how to prepare and store the raw pet food properly. I think that this information is necessary for those who are taking care of the pet.

How to prepare and store the raw pet food properly

  1. Following The Safety Measures to Handle The Raw Pet Food

In the case, you want to make the raw food for your pet. You should follow the basic steps. They are considered the safety measures. Here are some things which you need to remember to handle the raw pet food:

  • Firstly, you need the advice of the veterinarian. And you also share your pet’s information such as size, weight… to the veterinarian. Surely, he will give the useful advice for your pet in choosing the raw food;
  • Secondly, many people said that all raw food for the pet contain the organisms which they can spread the disease. This is wrong information. Actually, raw food is also very good for the pet health.
  1. Preparing The Raw Pet Food

Although it is good to prepare the food for your pet you should not make a lot and store in a long time. You should estimate the food within a week. You must buy all foods which are recommended by the veterinarian. With the big meat, you will need the meat slicer to make the pet food. In addition, you can use the meat grinder to support this process.

Also, you must note to handle the raw pet food in the right way. To avoid the food contamination as well as your health, you should pay attention to the kitchen gadgets such as cutting board, knives, bowls containing food, and your hands. All of them must be clean. You can follow the advice of the Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS):

  • You always wash your hands carefully with the soap about 20 seconds before and after preparing the raw pet food;
  • Moreover, all utensils using in this preparing raw pet food must be washed in the boiling water after each use;
  1. Storing The Raw Pet Food

After preparing the raw food for your pet completely, you must store them properly. This is also very important. How to store the raw pet food correctly, you can look at the information below:

  • The raw foods after preparing need to be contained in the safety packaging. The plastic containers with the cover are the best choice in this situation.
  • Then, you place all containers in the freezer for storing. This will prevent the growth of bacteria which they will make your raw food be damaged.

Choosing the plastic containers with the cover for storing the raw pet food

Although you have the good tips to store the raw food for your pet you should not store to feed your pet in a long time. At this time, these foods do not have the good smell to attract your pet. During storing, you also divide into a lot of containers for each day. You will take it easily and avoid open many containers a day to ensure the raw pet food in the good condition.

Besides, according to the USA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service, bacteria only grow rapidly in the range of temperature from the 40 degrees Fahrenheit (40 °F) to 140 °F. Therefore, you have to maintain your fridge where storing the raw pet food in lower than 40 °F.

In summary, all things which you are trying to make the good food for your pet are to bring the good health for your pet. You want to have the ways to take care of your pet properly. To change the smell of the food and have the nutrients for your pet, you want to make the raw food at home. That is a good idea and many people do this. However, you need to know how to prepare and store the raw pet food in the right way. It is very necessary and you will have some valuable information about this topic through this article. I hope you will care your pet properly.