How to Make Homemade Dog Food

You have a dog. You like it too much. You always take your time to take care of it regularly. Even, you must find out some foods which they ensure the dog health. On the market, you can choose the pet food very easy. However, to have the safe food is not simple. That is the reason why many people want to make homemade dog food. This is not only to produce the nutritious foods to ensure the health for your pet but also to save your money. If you do have any experience to make the dog food at home you should read some information in this article. I believe that you will have some useful suggestions to make the food for your dog at home.

How to make homemade dog food

  1. Need Advice of A Veterinarian Before Preparing The Diet

It is not simple to choose any recipes which you find it on the internet. Then, you apply with your dog. It is better to need some advice of a veterinarian before you want to prepare the diet for your dog. He will give a diet which it is suitable for your individual dog because in each stage of the development, your pet will need the different nutrition.

  1. Prepare The Dog Food Correctly

After you have the recipe for your dog, it is very important to process the food. This will maintain vitamins as well as minerals in the foods. Also, you also must prepare the kitchen gadgets such as the microwave, stove, and meat slicer. All of them will support a lot during making your pet food at home. There are two things which you need to remember to prepare the food for your dog correctly:

  • Firstly, to preserve all of the vitamins in the food, you should use the steam to cook food. In some necessary foods, you can boil them. However, you should minimize to boil;
  • Beyond that, you must follow the recipe of the professional. Do not use any food for replacing because this can affect the nutritional balance.
  1. Add More Calcium in Dog Food

All of the dogs will need a lot of calcium. You know this. Thus, you give your pet a bone. And you think it is good for its health and provide enough necessary calcium. However, this can lead to the health risks for your pet. Some problem often happens for your dogs when eating bones regularly such as:

  • Bone will make the lining of the bowels scratch;
  • Besides, it is also the reason for the painful inflammation;
  • Especially, the bone can lead to the cause of the blood infections.

Instead, to add more calcium in the dog diet, you should choose calcium carbonate, calcium citrate, and eggshells which they are crushed into a powder. Depending on your dog’s size, you can give it the suitable quality. One teaspoon is about 2,200 mg of the calcium carbonate. With the adult dog, it needs about one gram of the calcium each day. It means half a teaspoon.

  1. Make The Food for Your Dog

5 essential ingredients in the dog’s daily diet

When making the food for your pet, you always remember 5 basic elements as follows:

  • Protein is contained a lot in the egg. Therefore, in the diet of the dog, you should not forget to add this food. In the egg, there are the high essential amino acids. In addition, protein also has in the animal meat such as chicken and turkey.
  • Fat is necessary for the development of hair and skin. Moreover, fat also plays a role to create the new cells. Therefore, you must meet at least 5 % of the dog’s diet which having the fat in its diet. You will find a lot of fat in meat and the chicken skin.
  • Carbohydrates include rice, wheat, and oats. Most of the dog’s diets have more half of the carbohydrates. It will provide the energy and the necessary fiber for the healthy intestinal function. So you have to add some food in your pet every day. How many carbohydrates will depend on your pet’s sizes?
  • Minerals are very important which you need to add in the dog’s diet. Lacking of minerals will lead to a lot of problems which affecting your dog’s health such as weak bones and weak nerve system.
  • The vitamin is contained in many types of foods. And vitamin also has a special part in the diet. The deficiency of vitamin will be the problem of the poor immune systems, skin lesions or the infection.

In short, you can make homemade dog food to help your pet have a good health. In my opinion, it is better to make the food than buying them. Actually, you will provide the right food for your dog. It is very good for his health as well as his development. I hope that after reading this writing you can make the food for your pet at home easily.