7 Steps to Choose Pet Foods Safely

Nowadays, many countries on over the world always called on to protect the animals. Some people like to feed a small animal. They take care of it very careful. Choosing the pet foods safely is also a way to care for this animal. However, on the market, there is too much choice and this will make the buyer feel confused. Therefore, how to choose the safe foods for your pets is not the simple thing. It is very necessary to know some tips when you buy the food for the pets. In this article, I will help you have some good suggestions to select the pet food safely. Let’s follow 7 steps below.

7 steps to choosing the pet food safely

Step 1: Reading The Ingredients of Pet Food on The Bag

If you do not have the experience to choose the pet food for your animal you will often listen to the guidance of the seller. However, I am not sure that he will be truthful. So you should find the ingredient on the bag when you buy food for your pet. Here are some problems which you need to know:

  • Firstly, the label of the pet food is very nice to attract the attention of the buyer. But you should remember that the pet food label does not provide enough information about the nutritional value of this food;
  • Many manufacturers do not mention the information relating the nutritional value on the label. Thus, you can not check the quality of the pet food;
  • But, with the reputable manufacturers about the pet food, they always show the list of the ingredients on the package. This will help the buyer can check as well as evaluate the quality of pet food. From there, you will choose the suitable food for your pet.

Step 2: Choosing The Appropriate Protein Source

This step is also very important because depending on the type of your pets will buy the right foods. To help you understand more about this, please look at the following example:

  • Your pets are dog and cat. They need meat. You should choose the food which it has some ingredients from the protein animals as chicken, lamb, egg, and fish.
  • Your pets are bird and chicken. They often need some protein from bean and corn.

Step 3: Noting The Fat Source

In the case, you want your pet to have the healthy skin. You should add the fat ingredient in its diet. Normally, the fat is made from the fatty acids. With your pets such as dogs and cats, they will need two fatty acids. They include omega-6 and omega-3. You can pick the right fat source for your pet when you refer to this information as follows:

  • With omega-6, it is found in the chicken and corn. This fatty acid is very necessary to maintain the healthy skin and the development of the pet’s hair.
  • With omega-3, it is found in the fish oil. However, if your pets are dog and cat you should not buy this type of the fatty acid. Actually, the fat source of omega-3 is very hard for dogs and cats to digest. But omega-3 is very important to decrease the inflammation.

Step 4: Identifying The Fiber Source

When you buy the pet food you also need to pay attention of the fiber source. There are two types of the fiber sources:

  • For the fermentable part of the fiber, it is very good for the intestinal bacteria. This fiber will provide the additional fatty acids. In addition, it also creates the energy source for the intestinal cells.
  • For the non-fermentable part of the fiber, it will help the feces normally.

Step 5: Looking at The Guaranteed Analysis

Should look at the guaranteed analysis

The guaranteed analysis will show some necessary ingredients. This will prevent that you will provide the unnecessary nutrition for your pet. If your pet is chunky you must choose the food with the high protein. However, the pet is skinny you should select the average protein.

Step 6: Looking at The Preservatives

Surely, you should not but the pet food with the preservatives. You should note this problem. You must read the information on the bag. Normally, it will mention ethoxyquin. This is a type of the toxic. Of course, it is very bad for your pets. Thus, you should avoid. Besides, salt should not have in the pet food.

Step 7: Selecting The Kitchen Utensil for The Pet

Many people think that they can use the old saucepans, pots, or pans to contain the food. In my opinion, this is not a good way. You should invest a new and attractive box. This will not only help your pets like to eat food but also clean this tool easily. Moreover, the pet food is always in a good condition. It can bring a good health for the pet.

In summary, the health of the pet is very important. Besides, you care it in the right way. You must know how to choose the food for your pet safely. In this article, I just list 7 basic steps to help you choosing the pet food. I hope this information is very useful for those who having the pet.