5 Ingredients to Avoid in Dog’s Food

Nowadays, the dog is a pet which we can see in the most of the families. This animal is close with our life. Moreover, many kids love this type of animal. Besides, you also know many people to take care of the dog very careful. And this pet is the same a member in a family. That is the reason why the dog’s food is interested in a lot. They walk their dog in the park, bring to see the veterinarian check the pet’s health, make the food for their dog. Especially, they also find out some foods which need to avoid for the dog diet. In the case, you do not know what kind of ingredients that they are not good for your dog. You should read some following information. I believe you will get the necessary knowledge to care your pet better. Now, look at 5 ingredients to avoid in dog’s food, right!

Let’s look for 5 Ingredients to Avoid in Dog’s Food

Although there are a lot of ingredients to avoid in the food of the pet, 5 following ingredients are extremely important to avoid. Here are 5 the most typical ingredients:

  1. Ethoxyquin

Should avoid ethoxyquin in the food of your pet

Normally, ethoxyquin is found in most of the dog foods. It is used as a preservative. Of course, it is not good for the health of your pet. Before many people do not care this ingredient in the dog food, now a lot of veterinarians recommended that ethoxyquin is associated with some risks such as: affecting kidney, damaging the liver, relating cancer (about liver, spleen, stomach, and skin), reducing the immune system, blindness, even leukemia.

  1. Propylene Glycol

You will find out propylene glycol in all products which they are in anti-freeze. And this ingredient also has in the dog food to reduce the moisture and prevent the development of the bacteria. However, there are some disadvantages if the dog food contains propylene glycol as follows:

  • It will decrease the growth of the good bacteria. These bacteria are very good for the digestive system;
  • Additionally, propylene glycol also reduces the necessary moisture to support the digestion.
  • Especially, the ingredient in the dog food also creates the condition of the cancerous lesions.
  1. BHT/ BHA

Many harmful effects from BHA and BHT ingredients

You must know that BHT is abbreviated by Butylated Hydroxy Anisole. And BHA is abbreviated by Butylated Hydroxy Toluene. Both are the same and very dangerous for your pet health.

  • For BHT, it will reduce the spoiling food. It is more dangerous than BHA. In some studied, many experts showed that BHT can directly spread the disease both dogs and humans.
  • For BHA, it is considered as a type of the preservative. It contributes to damage kidney.

Thus, when choosing the food for your pet, you should avoid BHT/BHA in the food. To know it, you must read the ingredient carefully.

  1. Corn Syrup

Actually, corn syrup is sugar to help your pet eat too much. But over time, too much sugar can be the reason of weight gain, diabetes, hyperactivity. Even, it can lead some negative mental behavior. Also, corn is very cheap food. If it is not maintained in the right way it is easy to develop mold. This is not good for the food health.

  1. By- Product

You should understand that by- product means the internal parts of the animal. I am sure that these parts do not include the muscle meat. Normally, by- product will include the organs, tumors, and the diseased tissues.

Some Notes to Feed Your Pet

To ensure the health for your pet, not only to avoid 5 typical ingredients above but also you also use the clean pans and the nice pot. This will attract your pet eat more and more. When you pour the food into the pan, you should not pour a lot of food for each time. Depending on your dog’s size and stage, you should have the suitable diet for your pet. In my opinion, two notes are very necessary and need to remember.

In conclusion, this article just mentions some ingredients which they can be harmful to your dog. And you also have the tip to give the food to your pet. I hope that you will choose the quality pet food easily. Surely, you must read its ingredient before selecting. Good luck to you for choosing the safety food for your dog!