5 Ingredients to Avoid in Dog’s Food

Many harmful effects from BHA and BHT ingredients

Nowadays, the dog is a pet which we can see in the most of the families. This animal is close with our life. Moreover, many kids love this type of animal. Besides, you also know many people to take care of the dog very careful. And this pet is the same a member in a […]

How to Prepare And Store Raw Pet Food Properly

How to prepare and store the raw pet food properly

As you know, to help your pet is always healthy. It is not simple. Thus, it is very important to have a lot of experience with your pet. However, you must take care of your pet in the right way. At that time, your pet will grow in the good condition and have a good […]

7 Steps to Choose Pet Foods Safely

7 steps to choosing the pet food safely

Nowadays, many countries on over the world always called on to protect the animals. Some people like to feed a small animal. They take care of it very careful. Choosing the pet foods safely is also a way to care for this animal. However, on the market, there is too much choice and this will […]

How to Choose Your Dog Food

Choosing the dog food properly

In our life, there are a lot of pets. They are the lovely animals. Normally, we will choose the small animals to feed. Normally, this depends on the hobby of each person. Generally, the dogs are the most popular pets on over the world. You can see that some people will bring a dog walk […]

How to Make Homemade Dog Food

5 essential ingredients in the dog’s daily diet

You have a dog. You like it too much. You always take your time to take care of it regularly. Even, you must find out some foods which they ensure the dog health. On the market, you can choose the pet food very easy. However, to have the safe food is not simple. That is […]